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Understanding Consumer Behavior to Convert More Customers

By Dallas Ziebell, dziebell@lessitermedia.comMarketing Manager, Lessiter Media While every business and product has its target customers who fit a specific set of criteria and share many commonalities, among these customers is often a wide spectrum of different values, interests, purchasing habits and decision triggers.  We are all different, but in many instances our brains are prone…
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A Look Back at the Best From 2020

By Luke Weigel, Marketing Manager, Lessiter Medi 2020 was a challenging year, one that made us all take a step back and reassess how we do things. Quarantines, Zoom meetings, social distancing... all things we can hopefully put behind us soon. But the year wasn't a total loss. Over the last 12 months, we’ve published…
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7 Pros and Cons to Free Trial Offers

By Joanne Volkert, Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media If there’s one thing my husband is a sucker for, its free samples. He’d never willingly admit it, but pre-covid he used to plan grocery trips to align with the free sample timeframes. Don’t worry – he won’t read this, so he’ll never know I’m exposing his groundbreaking…
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7 Ways to Make More Effective Ad Campaigns in 2021

By John A. Bennett, Digital Media Director, Lessiter Media As marketers, it is easy to get hyper-focused on the end result of our efforts – getting a sale. The problem is that can make us see everyone that encounters our ad message as qualified buyers simply waiting for the right offer or “hook”. When according to…
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