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Plan Your Marketing Budget In 5 Easy Steps

By Luke Weigel, Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media Can you believe it is September already? This year is really flying by, and if your company is anything like ours, you're probably right in the thick of budgeting season. There are still a few months left in 2021, but we're already looking ahead and planning for 2022.…
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The Rise of Chatbots

By John A. Bennett, Digital Media Director, Lessiter Media In the ever-increasing competition for customers, customer service will always be one of the top aspects that defines the buying experience. For physical stores, it takes the form of having a cashier welcome and greet customers entering the store and asking if they can help…
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Is The Marketing Rule of 7 Still Relevant Today?

By Patrick Sharpe, VP of Audience Development, Lessiter Media In today’s rapidly evolving marketing world, most of us know one message, one time will not be effective. Marketing has become much more complicated and competitive for that to work. The Rule of 7 is one of the oldest principles in marketing, which says it takes an…
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Images That Increase Social Media Engagement

By Emily Fox, efox@lessitermedia.comDigital Content Specialist, Lessiter Media When it comes to using images on social media, marketing survey results show a clear increase in engagement when images are used in posts. Twitter marketing research revealed that on average, retweets are boosted 35% when photos are used, and videos 28%. Digital Marketing expert Jeff Bullas noted that on Facebook, posts…
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