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The Most Annoyingly Successful Marketing Tactic You Can Deploy

By Luke Weigel, Marketing Manager, Lessiter Medi At one point or another, I think most of us have cursed them out or slammed our mouse in frustration. They are annoying, invasive and distracting. I'm talking about pop-up ads of course. They definitely get a bad rap, and in many cases, rightfully so. But why then, do so many…
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Effectively Integrating Testimonials into Digital Marketing

By John A. Bennett, Digital Media Director, Lessiter Media The art of gaining effective testimonials is half the battle. As I discussed in my previous Marketing Minute, Developing a Balanced Testimonial Library, targeting the right type of endorsements will be the key in how you use them to support your story, being it about…
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8 Tips to Create a Successful Podcast

By Joseph Kuenzle, Audio Visual Manager, Lessiter Media Whether you currently produce one, have a favorite you listen to regularly, or you've heard of it but are not entirely sure what it is, a podcast can and should become an integral part of your marketing repertoire. Let's start at the beginning. For those not…
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6 Ways to Make Billing Statements a Marketing Tool

By Joanne Volkert, Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media Who remembers the Schoolhouse Rock song, “I’m Just a Bill?” “I’m just a bill. Yes, I’m only a bill. And I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill.” Ok, that’s not exactly the type of bill I’m talking about in this week’s Marketing Minute edition. And I’m here to make…
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