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Be Where Your Customers Are

By Michael Ellis, Director of Sales, Lessiter Media In many aspects of life, getting out of our own way can be a formidable task. Making our marketing decisions is certainly not immune to that dynamic. It’s human nature to think, “well if I like it, then everyone else must like it too.” But that can…
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How Has COVID-19 Impacted Consumer Behaviors

By Rachel Hanrahan, Digital Content Specialist, Lessiter Media There isn't one industry or individual that's untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of us are having to decide how we will navigate these uncharted waters. Should we continue spending as we had been? Is it smarter to save and stockpile in preparation for harder times to come?…
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One Design Does Not Fit All

By Michelle Drewek, Digital Media Manager, Lessiter Media Do you find yourself tempted to save time and resources by using the same creative for your print and web campaigns? After all, how much does it REALLY matter if you copy and paste? When it comes to design, user experience is at the center of every decision…
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Are you promoting internally?

By Luke Weigel, Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media You've dotted your i's and crossed your t's, gotten the necessary stamps of approval and managed to deliver on time and under budget. All signs of a successful marketing campaign ready to see huge returns on investment, right? In a lot of ways, yes. But have you ever been in a meeting and…
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