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‘Getting Started’ Success … From Listening & Spinning

By Jeremy McGovern, Executive Editor/Publish of American Farriers Journal By attending media conferences and workshops, we undoubtedly benefit through networking — introductions to new processes and sessions that can validate (or refute) what we've been doing. However, it is also essential that we learn success stories from our media peers to apply to our audiences…
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Mike Drop: Takin’ Care of Business

By Mike Lessiter, President In each of the last 3 months, I’ve represented LM at 3 media executive events — the Niche Media CEO Summit, the Media Growth Council and, last week, the Specialized Industry Publishers Assn. (SIPA) Owner’s Retreat. I’ve found each to be good for flushing out new ideas, flying the flag among sellers…
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The ‘Rest of the Story’

By Dave Kanicki, Publisher Back in December, listeners of the Farm Equipment podcast series, “Conversations with Ag Equipment’s Entrepreneurs,” asked about LM’s story. Frank, Pam and Mike Lessiter were subsequently interviewed, and the resulting Jan. 10 podcast ran a little over 30 min. long. The actual interview/conversation, however, lasted well over an hour. This article was written to provide…
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