Improve Website Retention & Rankings with Optimized Images

By Michelle Drewek,
Content Engagement Manager, Lessiter Media

Over 20% of all U.S. web searches happen on Google Images, with Google alone processing 3.5 billion web searches per day. By not optimizing web images, businesses risk not getting their content or products to rank well among that huge chunk of the search engine pie and also miss out on the opportunity to be viewed within the image results.

Gary Illyes, the Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google, said it best, "We simply know that media search is way too ignored for what it’s capable of doing for publishers…" 

How does image optimization impact content's rankings?

Things like page load speed, site speed, and user experience and engagement are all part of what helps drive content's authority and accessibility in the search algorithm ranking process. Great content will always be valued most within that algorithm, but if you can pair great content with quality deliverability, your exposure will multiply.

We've compiled a list of web image optimization best practices below to help you achieve this potential missed opportunity for customer acquisition and retention.

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