Lessiter Media Core Values

Integrity & Trust

• Honesty, fairness and doing what’s right.
• We conduct ourselves as if what we do today will be tomorrow’s front-page news.
• We want to win, but by doing it the right way. We gladly wear the white hat.
• When a problem or breakdown occurs, acknowledge it and make it right.

Commitment to Unmatched Excellence

• We are in this to make a difference; and that excellence has to start from within each of us.
• Listen, understand, move forward every day via our creativity, influence, organization and tools.
• Activity and accomplishment are not one and the same — apply ourselves to what makes a difference.
• Requires our dedication, focus and hard work — no shortcuts.
• Earn the business — to keep it, it must be earned.
• We will never achieve perfection on all fronts, but we commit to give our very best because our teammates and customers deserve it.


• We’re only as good as the sum of people and ability to work together.
• Take pride in the success of others more so than self — make the assist!
• Not about personal heroics or I ... It’s “we.”
• Treat everyone as you’d want your Grandma treated.
• If in doubt, we check it out. Don’t assume. Discuss problems openly and face-to-face, not behind backs. Respect.
• Call out the landmines; don’t let your teammates fail. Be named on others’ Foxhole Test!


• 40 others, and all customers, are counting on you.
• We do what we say we’ll do, and when we say it. Make our word one that others can take to the bank.
• Take ownership … and encourage, help and let others “own” their responsibility.
• Follow up.
• Bring in the ship — regardless of the waters.

Be Positive

• Choose to have a positive outlook no matter the circumstance.
• Faith that together we can solve whatever comes our way.
• Energy, initiative and enthusiasm are contagious — let it spread at epidemic proportions.
• Speak positively about company and each other — always.
• Things won’t always go right or as planned. But we keep it in perspective — count our blessings; remember what a truly bad day in life can look like. Reframe and put into context.
• Celebrate successes.

Embrace Change

• No one here can stay in the same place we are today. Change is compulsory.
• Personal responsibility to learn, gain knowledge and skills. Leave your comfort zone.
• Change equals growth.
• Find new ways ... and commit to making “the new” work ... and refine if needed.
• Words of Winston Churchill in 1941 ... Never give up.