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The Finishing Touch to a Great Video or Podcast

By Joseph Kuenzle, jkuenzle@lessitermedia.comAudio Visual Manager, Lessiter Media In the past I've shared some tips on how to leverage podcasts and videos to be a part of your overall marketing plan. Both of these tools share a common component that can be critical their success — music. Music holds a special place in our world, having the power to bring…
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Why Podcasts Make Good (Business) Sense

By John A. Bennett, jbennett@lessitermedia.comDigital Media Director, Lessiter Media If you are like me, you might be a little surprised on how podcasts have moved into the spotlight in recent years. Maybe it’s because of the absence of human conversation from gathering restrictions or increased “alone time.” Or maybe it’s the genuine organic and unfiltered…
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The ‘Rest of the Story’

By Dave Kanicki, Publisher From the February 2019 Lessiter Link newsletter Back in December, listeners of the Farm Equipment podcast series, “Conversations with Ag Equipment’s Entrepreneurs,” asked about LM’s story. Frank, Pam and Mike Lessiter were subsequently interviewed, and the resulting Jan. 10 podcast ran a little over 30 min. long. The actual interview/conversation, however, lasted well over an…
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