7 Gift Marketing Guidelines

By Joanne Volkert
Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media

With the dust mostly settled from the Holiday season, I thought it’d be worth our time to circle back on the giving theme and touch on Gift Marketing.

Gift marketing is giving or sending a past, current, or potential customer a gift. Now, we’re all familiar with branded pens, t-shirts, travel mugs, koozies, notepads, etc. And while these all fall under “gift marketing,” I’m here to challenge you to take this concept a step further.

The value of gifting isn’t the gift, it’s that you’re using a less-used channel to capture attention and stand out. What’s something your customers would find useful or would help them do their job better? Perhaps it’s a 1-year gift subscription to a service or magazine. It could also be a more personal gift – free tickets to a game or event.

The goal is to stand out and let them know you value them. Be intentional.

Below are some gift marketing guidelines to keep in mind when you’re mapping out your strategy.

Source: American Marketing Association