4 Creative Ways to Engage your Audience

By Connor Campbell
Digital Content Editor, Lessiter Media

Was there ever something in school that you could not wrap your head around? Maybe it was a topic in math or science that you felt like you were stumbling your way through. Because you didn’t understand or enjoy it, how excited were you to participate in it? Probably not at all.

I remember a coding class I had in high school. If it weren’t for an enthusiastic friend-turned-mentor, I probably would have failed it. He found a way to show me how coding can be unique, fun and something to look forward to, and the concepts that were previously foreign to me suddenly made clearer sense.

The same principle applies to engaging with your audience. It doesn’t have to be grueling or complex to accomplish. Sometimes it’s as simple as reformatting content into a new medium, or marketing your product in a fun, interactive way.

A recent example from our Farm Equipment brand comes in the form of a bi-monthly quiz. Our editors develop a set of questions based on recent industry news and trends that our audience can take to see how much they’ve kept up on recent events while also helping teach them what they may have missed. We even wrapped in a giveaway for the perfect-score takers each quiz, further elevating brand awareness and giving them something tangible to aspire to.

In this infographic, check out different ways you can engage your audience without feeling like you are stumbling through a complex series of tactics. Have fun!

4 Ways to Engage Your Audience