10 Techniques for Relationship Selling

By Joanne Volkert
Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media

Word of mouth is a successful form of selling because it relies on established relationships between individuals. Those established relationships have a level trust already built.

So how can you build trust with a new customer? Consider “relationship selling.”

Relationship selling is one way to set your sales pitch apart from your competitors. It is a technique where you focus on the customer’s needs and interests FIRST and then provide your product and/or service as a solution.

According to Indeed, implementing a relationship-based sales approach can improve your success rate with new customers and foster loyalty toward a product or service all while helping you gain new and retain long-term customers.

Below are ten techniques to help you build a connection with customers rather than relying on a price discount or add-on offer. These techniques will allow you to provide more personalized reasons why your product and/or service is the best fit for them.

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Source: Indeed