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The 5 Best Marketing Tools To Use With Chat GPT

By Dallas ZiebellMarketing Manager, Lessiter Mediadziebell@lessitermedia.com262-782-2412 I'm sure by now you've heard all about the many ways that AI technologies like Chat GPT are predicted to transform the world around us. From food to finance to film, it's seems there's not a single industry that will be untouched, for better or worse.  Marketing is one industry that is arguably in…
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The Finishing Touch to a Great Video or Podcast

By Joseph Kuenzle, jkuenzle@lessitermedia.comAudio Visual Manager, Lessiter Media In the past I've shared some tips on how to leverage podcasts and videos to be a part of your overall marketing plan. Both of these tools share a common component that can be critical their success — music. Music holds a special place in our world, having the power to bring…
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Core Values Recipient — Joe Kuenzle

From the July 2019 Lessiter Link newsletter Joe Kuenzle joined LM in 2014 as a contractor to assist Brad Hemze with the transition to the ePub sites. Within several months, Joe proved himself worthy of manning a newly created full-time position. Throughout his time here, Joe has contributed to LM's success with his strengths, skills…
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