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5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Your Next Campaign

By Michelle DrewekDigital Media Manager, Lessiter MediaMdrewek@lessitermedia.com262-777-2435 Instagram Stories are a great marketing tool not just in their ability to reach a massive audience (the platform has 2 billion monthly active users!) They allow us to engage with our audience instantly through visually dynamic content and incorporate interactivity features like swipe-up links and polls. Additionally, Instagram Stories have the…
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Live Streaming: The FREE Marketing Hack You May Be Overlooking

By Kayla WaukauMarketing Coordinator, Lessiter Mediakwaukau@lessitermedia.com It’s no secret that over 2 years ago when COVID-19 struck the world and social distancing became a part of every day life, businesses were forced to lean on social media engagement to interact with customers who were once in person. Many businesses branched into the world of Live Streaming via Facebook…
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