5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Your Next Campaign

By Michelle Drewek
Digital Media Manager, Lessiter Media

Instagram Stories are a great marketing tool not just in their ability to reach a massive audience (the platform has 2 billion monthly active users!) They allow us to engage with our audience instantly through visually dynamic content and incorporate interactivity features like swipe-up links and polls.

Additionally, Instagram Stories have the ability to be cross-promoted to Facebook to create extension and cohesion of your branding and acquisition efforts. Because the everyday user is also using Instgram Stories to share their life updates and interact with their family and friends, this type of marketing can achieve a more authentic and natural presence in consumers' daily lives.

Interactivity? ✔
Authenticity? ✔
Brand Building? ✔
Customer Acquisition & Retention? ✔

To help you harness some of these crucial benefits for your business, we've compiled some inspiration below. Check out these 5 ideas and let us know if you have any questions!