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Copywriting for Emotional Investment in Your Brand

By Alison Green, agreen@lessitermedia.comEmail Specialist, Lessiter Media In our previous Marketing Minute, 5 AI Copywriting Strategies for Marketers, we shared ways to automate your copywriting. While artificial intelligence tools are a game changer in the marketing world, it is also an equalizer. If everyone is generating content based on the same search engine results, you can…
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The 5 Best Marketing Tools To Use With Chat GPT

By Dallas ZiebellMarketing Manager, Lessiter Mediadziebell@lessitermedia.com262-782-2412 I'm sure by now you've heard all about the many ways that AI technologies like Chat GPT are predicted to transform the world around us. From food to finance to film, it's seems there's not a single industry that will be untouched, for better or worse.  Marketing is one industry that is arguably in…
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5 AI Copywriting Strategies for Marketers

By Michelle Drewek, mdrewek@lessitermedia.comDigital Media Manager, Lessiter Media Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new in 2023, however its potential for marketers has been more recently untapped with the increased adoption of tools like ChatGPT. AI copywriting is a game changer for marketers as it brings automation, accuracy, and flexibility to content writing. Instead of spending hours crafting…
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