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5 Tips to Launch Your Text Message Marketing

  By Madeline SchultzMarketing Associate, Lessiter MediaMschultz@lessitermedia.com262-777-2406 Email is a great tool, but as the inbox grows it can become overwhelming and lead to overlooked, deleted, or worse, unsubscribed messages. Place yourself in the shoes you wear outside of work, and ask yourself, “is this something I would even open, let alone read?" If the answer is…
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Sunset Policy — It’s Not a Goodbye, It’s a See ya Later!

By Kayla Waukau Marketing Coordinator, Lessiter Media kwaukau@lessitermedia.com Quantity over quality isn’t always true, especially when it comes to your email subscriber list. This week while sorting through my influx of promotional emails from my inbox, I got an email from a company (which may or may not have been a dog pajamas company 😉)…
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Analytics Tips from a Pro

Our in-house digital media expert, Michelle Drewek, joined publishing and marketing consultant Greg Krehbiel on his podcast recently to discuss the importance of context when it comes to data, and how audience feedback can improve your content marketing strategy. Check out their convo below. You can also read a transcript and summary of their discussion.…
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