Start Creating Irresistible Subject Lines with These Testing Strategies

By KC Hubbell,
Marketing Associate, Lessiter Media

In an early Marketing Minute installment, Subject Lines That Defy the Delete Button, we touched on the importance of subject lines and gave you a few tips on how to improve yours. However, with subject lines being closely tied to the success of your email marketing — we thought it was time we expand some more on this topic and share a few testing strategies we saw success with.

When it comes to email marketing, creating engaging content is key to making your efforts worthwhile. However, that only makes a difference if your audience actually opens and reads your content. With that being said, your subject line needs just as much attention as your email's content because it is the first and often only chance you have to make an impression.

Like most aspects of marketing, the success of your subject line solely depends on your audience's preferences. For this reason, it's always good practice to A/B test them to find what your audience responds to.

Don't know where to start? Below, are a few testing strategies that will allow you create winning subject lines.

Have you used a testing strategy that I didn't mention? Send me a message and share what tactics helped you create successful subject lines.

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Source: Mailchimp, Marvel Marketers