How to Nail the Art of Visual Email Marketing

By Dallas Ziebell
Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media

In my last Marketing Minute, I outlined 6 email metrics beyond opens and clicks to help reach your marketing goals and make business decisions.

While it's important that your promotional emails have interesting subject lines, engaging and relevant copy, and actionable calls-to-action, there is a less discussed element that can help you get maximum ROI out of your emails: engaging and dynamic visuals.

According to the website readwrite, "Vennage has revealed that 49% of marketers rate visual marketing as “very important” for their marketing strategy. Three days later, people will probably remember only 10% of the information they hear but 65% of the information if it is presented with a suitable image. So, if you want your emails to make a difference and prompt the subscribers to take action, using visuals is a must."

We couldn't agree more. With inboxes cluttered with messages all vying for your customers' attention, you can stand out from the crowd and attract their eye (and their mouse) by including interesting with unique visual elements to bolster your product message.

That's why today, we take a look at 8 practical approaches to help you nail the art of visual email marketing. 

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