5 Ways to Use Your Own Milestones as a Promotional Asset

By Bree Greenawalt, breeg@lesspub.com
Sr. Manager of Data & Events, Lessiter Media

Almost 2 years ago I wrote about the 100th edition of our Lessiter Marketing Minute and how you could use company milestones of your own as a powerful promotional tool for your business. My how time flies! This email will serve as our bicentennial edition — that's right, number 200!

So I thought it would be a good idea to revisit some of the tips I shared back in 2020 that are still very much — if not more — relevant today. In fact, we just just celebrated a trifecta of our own that was the perfect opportunity to practice what we preach.

We recently celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the National No-Tillage Conference, the 50th Anniversary of No-Till Farmer magazine and the 60th Anniversary of the first commercial no-till planting in the United States. Having all 3 of these milestones coincide was a perfect storm that allowed us to invite — and grow — our audience to celebrate with us, be it in print, digital or in-person.

We've all got something to celebrate. It could be something as simple as a company anniversary, or as granular and personalized as celebrating your individual customer's birthdays or purchases. Either way, use these as an opportunity to help promote your business and celebrate your employees and customers.

If you'd like to learn more about how we promoted our recent anniversaries or how you can promote upcoming milestones of your own, drop me a line. I'd be happy to discuss in more detail with you.


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