Core Values Recipient — Joe Kuenzle

From the July 2019 Lessiter Link newsletter

Joe Kuenzle joined LM in 2014 as a contractor to assist Brad Hemze with the transition to the ePub sites. Within several months, Joe proved himself worthy of manning a newly created full-time position. Throughout his time here, Joe has contributed to LM's success with his strengths, skills and vision.

Here are some words Joe's colleagues have used to describe him ...

Trust. Joe is entrusted with all A/V responsibilities for all conferences. It's a pressure-packed job, tracking PowerPoint presentations sometimes minutes before speakers go up on stage and making sure all of the technology is in sync. And when things aren't working perfectly, Joe quickly jumps in to remedy the situation.

Excellence. In addition to his A/V abilities, Joe has editorial chops of his own that uniquely complement his technical skills. This includes content organization, even writing headlines, subheads and descriptions. He doesn't wait for the editor to get things moving. He takes his best shot and often exceeds the editor's and audience's expectations on his first attempt.

Joe developed a process — which we believe is an industry-best practice — for speeding up the posting of videos shot by our staffers out on the road. His system provides real-time speed for posting (while the editor or salesperson is still on the road) and a magnitude of efficiency back in the Art Department. When given project parameters to work within, Joe is proficient at delivering one-and-done videos and podcasts.

Joe has brought new life to our series of videos and demonstrated how multiple interviews could be woven together topically, something new that he envisioned and executed, which required content skills in addition to the video editing. His Dealership of the Year series earned Joe national honors.

Teamwork. These are many examples of Joe jumping in to help out without needing to be asked, including prepping Ag Equipment Intelligence content for Digital Media and backup filming/editing for the On The Record newscast.

Joe has embraced the idea of expanding his productivity through flextime and depth chart help. He has found that good communication and training are vital in keeping outsourced help performing at high standards. In the process, Joe increased his own value here at LM.

Joe is described as a steady, calming presence that can put teammates at ease through times of pressure and challenge.

Accountable. Joe is known for delivering on his promises. He is disciplined in his work, which equates to his high level of productivity, and also has developed an ability to find time for the unexpected.

And he can take criticism. While he has his own opinions, Joe listens to others' views on how to make something better without getting defensive.

Positive. Joe has a very positive presence about him. He seeks new ways to learn and to advance his work.