Bree Greenawalt, Quarterly Core Values Recipient

From the April 2019 Lessiter Link newsletter

This quarter's recipient is Bree Greenawalt. A professional jack of all trades at LM, her official title is Senior Manager of Data, Events and Ad Services. But you'll find her involved in many areas outside of core responsibilities on a daily basis. She is LM's "go-to person" when you need something. Her historical knowledge on LM processes continues to be a time and money saver for her coworkers.

Here are some words Bree's colleagues have used to describe here...

Integrity and Trust. "Bree is the ultimate team player, willing to handle any assignment given to her. She takes responsibility given to her. She takes responsibility for her actions and puts the needs of others above her own. She treats her coworkers with kindness and respect."

Commitment to Excellence. "Bree understands why data is important and makes every effort to make sure the information she provides is correct, as well as suggesting ways to further improve its collection and reporting. Bree doesn't settle for complacency and devotes herself personally to make certain our events are exceptional for both staff and attendees. She works long hours to make that happen."

Teamwork. "Bree passes the teammate 'Fox Hole Test.' When pressure is high, she will have your back and fight alongside you. She recognizes her role is to support the team and that the final product is a team effort."

Accountability. "When the chips are down and something needs to get done, you can count on Bree to do it. Recently, while on a business trip, sales data we weren't tracking was needed. An email was sent to Bree, after hours, requesting the data. It was ready by 8:30 a.m. the next day."

Be Positive. "Bree knows how to size things down and take control of a situation. She demonstrates this repeatedly while orchestrating the on-site events. Her positive attitude sets the tone for our events for both the attendees and staff."

Embrace Change. "You will never hear Bree say, 'that's not in my job description.' She is not afraid of change, thrives on challenges and wants to grow. Bree has been battle-tested, in many different situations and handles it with grace."

Bree has earned her stripes many times over. She serves as an example and reminder to all of us how we can all do a better job of keeping up our focus and composure during tough times and offer help to anyone that needs it.