5 Reasons to Add Promotional Products to Your Marketing Plan

By Bree Greenawalt, breeg@lesspub.com
Sr. Manager of Data & Events, Lessiter Media

Having wrapped up three industry-leading events this past January, and gearing up for two more events this coming August — the 9th Annual Dealership Minds Summit and 10th Annual National Strip-Tillage Conference — we spend a lot of time planning to make sure the event experience for our attendees is top notch. Location, venue, speakers, meals. All are very specific to the event planning process. But one part of the event planning process that should be factored into your year-round marketing plan, is branded products. 

Giveaways, promo products, tchotchkes — no matter what you call them, they can be an affordable way to get your brand in front of a lot of eyeballs. But if you’ve ever done just a bit of research on branded products to help promote your business, you’ll know that the options are nearly endless and it’s easy to get lost. We spend a lot of time selecting items to use at our events and look for things that are useful beyond their initial purpose, items that our customers will enjoy and use, and our partners can feel proud to have their logos on.

From coffee mugs, bags and pens to coloring books, flower seeds and chip clips, finding the right products to help develop your brand visibility can be overwhelming. But the more often people see your logo, the more likely they are to remember it for future needs — that’s why branded products can be an important part of your long-term marketing plan.

Check out the 5 reasons to add promotional products to your marketing plan in 2023 and beyond.  What are some of your favorite promotion products you’ve used to promote your company?


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