Reaching Your Customers in Times of Social Distancing

Listen as Nick Jensen (Director of Business Development) and Luke Weigel (Marketing Manager) of Lessiter Media discuss how a live, virtual demo can be a game changer for your business in the good times, and even more so in the tough times that we find ourselves in today.

With COVID-19 stealing all the headlines, it's times like this you need a competitive edge more than ever. With in-person sales calls likely suspended and calls/emails going unanswered, Lessiter Media can help you execute a Digital Demonstration to help bridge the gap between you and your customers to help grow your business during times of uncertainty. A Digital Demonstration is your best and most-effective opportunity to break through all of the distractions out in the market, and to connect with sales prospects in more unique and meaningful ways.

Think of a Digital Demonstration as a live online webinar, during which you and/or your team members can discuss and demo the unique features and benefits of your product directly to a captive "opt-in" audience of targeted prospects.

  • You can connect virtually in real time with sales prospects from anywhere in the country or world. Take them out on the factory floor for a virtual product walk-around, take them out in the field for an on-farm demo, or bring them into your boardroom to hear from your R&D engineers, sales reps or other key team members.
  • Signup questions can identify your prospects' purchase intent, get insight into their business challenges, help you understand if they currently offer competitors'' products, and more.
  • You can invite a key customer onto the Digital Demonstration for a live testimonial.
  • You can automatically distribute your product info sheets, special offers or other important info to attendees.

If you have any questions or would like to have a more in-depth conversation about how a Digital Demonstration could benefit your company, please contact Nick Jensen at or 262.777.2443.