Maxing Out YOUR Marketing ROI: 6 Ways to Get Every Last Penny Out of Your Marketing Efforts

Enjoy a funny and enlightening conversation with international sales and marketing guru and award-winning business book author Ryan Dohrn. Ryan is a 25-year sales and marketing veteran and one of only a handful of people to ever win an Emmy for marketing excellence. His resume includes leadership roles at Disney/ABC TV and The New York Times Company.

During this live webinar event, Ryan...

  • Shared the simple yet effective three-step marketing secret that major brands have used for years RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES.
  • Dug deep into the psychology of marketing and shared three things that Google, Facebook and LinkedIn will not tell you before they take your money.
  • Educated on SEO, ways to maximize your website for more sales and how to max out your marketing automation efforts.
  • Taught¬†why some marketing campaigns will flat out creep your clients out.

If you have found yourself discouraged with your marketing efforts or are feeling like a ship adrift in an endless sea of marketing possibilities, Dohrn's presentation will inspire and enlighten you. From management to sales to business development personnel, this is a must-watch webinar for all marketing teams no matter the level of your experience in the industry!