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Prime Prospects with the “Yes” Ladder

By Dallas ZiebellMarketing Manager, Lessiter Mediadziebell@lessitermedia.com262-782-2412 From the initial cold call through proposal, price negotiations, commitment and renewal, the selling process can present several different hurdles to overcome along the way, and a "Yes" is never guaranteed until the signature comes back. But there are two techniques that, when used together, can give you an advantage…
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Boost Webinar Engagement & Attendance

By Kayla WaukauMarketing Coordinator, Lessiter Mediakwaukau@lessitermedia.com Webinars, an online tool primarily used for creating leads and educating attendees, are the new go-to tool in your marketing arsenal. However, are your webinars getting the attendance you’re aiming for? Or are they falling short and becoming less engaging for those who do attend? To drive your webinar…
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Combat Cold Calls Giving You The Cold Shoulder

By Kayla WaukauMarketing Coordinator, Lessiter Mediakwaukau@lessitermedia.com We’ve all been there… You’re going through your call list, making no meaningful contact with your leads, and feeling like you’re wasting your time. Even those who enjoy being on the phone never enjoy rejection. What are the best ways to combat cold calls giving you the cold shoulder? There are…
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