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The Power of 1% Daily Improvement in Marketing and Branding

By Patrick SharpeV.P. Audience Development, Lessiter Mediapsharpe@lessitermedia.com262-777-2405 In the competitive world of marketing and branding, the race to capture attention and create lasting impressions is often overwhelming. The pressure to make big leaps and achieve overnight success leads to burnout and inconsistent results. But the secret to extraordinary growth lies in small, consistent steps… The…
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Core Values Recipient — Joe Kuenzle

From the July 2019 Lessiter Link newsletter Joe Kuenzle joined LM in 2014 as a contractor to assist Brad Hemze with the transition to the ePub sites. Within several months, Joe proved himself worthy of manning a newly created full-time position. Throughout his time here, Joe has contributed to LM's success with his strengths, skills…
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