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6 Signs it is Time to Rebrand Your Business

By Olivia CoxMarketing Associate, Lessiter Mediaocox@lessitermedia.com262-782-2443 Have you been thinking that your company could use a rebrand or refresh?  As defined by HubSpot, “Rebranding is when your company rethinks your marketing strategy with a new name, logo, or design with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of customers and other stakeholders.”…
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Stop The Over-Thinking — Just Do It!

By Frank Lessiter, Chairman From the February 2019 Lessiter Link newsletter How Urgency & Learning on the Fly Get the Job Done There's often an urge to over-think a new project, especially when it's a new endeavor. A lack of urgency can doom us, especially in today’s fast-changing markets. With the best new projects, our staff…
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Why We Need More Company Failures (Small Ones Preferred)

By Frank Lessiter, Chairman From the Frankly Speaking column of the December 2018 Lessiter Link newsletter Measuring a company's success often boils down to its staff having a "can do" or a "can't do" attitude. When there's a lack of enthusiasm for new ideas, a company simply can't grow. In fact, it may not survive.…
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