6 Signs it is Time to Rebrand Your Business

By Olivia Cox
Marketing Associate, Lessiter Media

Have you been thinking that your company could use a rebrand or refresh? 

As defined by HubSpot, “Rebranding is when your company rethinks your marketing strategy with a new name, logo, or design with the intention of developing a new, differentiated identity in the minds of customers and other stakeholders.”

In 2015, Lessiter Publications rebranded its company name to “Lessiter Media.” This change reflected how our niche company had evolved from print-only publishing to also providing multimedia content that can be accessed across multiple digital platforms — online subscriptions, e-newsletters, webinars, videos, downloadable reports and e-books. The rebrand campaign included a redesign of the corporate logo and website, accompanied by a physical change as the company headquarters moved to a new location.

Rebranding can be a powerful tool but can also be a big risk. It is important to ensure that you are doing so at the right time, for the right reasons. Making superficial changes, rather than those that are meaningful and purposeful, can damage your brand image and relationship with your existing audience.

In the infographic below I have laid out some common signs that it may be a good idea to begin the rebranding process.

Marketing Minute - 6 Signs it is Time to Rebrand Your Business