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Why Market in a Crisis?

By Connor CampbellDigital Content Editor, Lessiter Mediaccampbell@lessitermedia.com262-777-2404 Crisis happens often; more often than we’d like to admit. Cars can break down, pipes can burst, basements can flood, the economy can tank, and the list goes on. Something a sailor once told me is the phrase “Hold fast." He explained it as such: "Get ready for…
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What Does Good Native Advertising Look Like?

By Dallas ZiebellMarketing Manager, Lessiter Mediadziebell@lessitermedia.com262-782-2412 Is it just me, or are native advertising and sponsored content more of those marketing buzzwords that most people have heard at some point, but for which few can provide a clear and concise definition or differentiate between, let alone pick out of a marketing message lineup? According to…
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