Which Print Marketing Myths Are You Buying Into?

By Rachel Hanrahan, rhanrahan@lessitermedia.com
Digital Content Specialist, Lessiter Media

Although the world of digital automation, personalization and predictive text is attractive to the marketer's eye, there will always be something genuine and sincere about print marketing.

Even in my personal life, I prefer receiving a handwritten thank you card in the mail over a text message littered with emojis. Whether it's the feeling I get when I see my name on a piece of mail or the physical act of ripping open an envelope, I open and read, or at the very least skim, every piece of paper that comes through my mailbox.

I do not share the same habits with my email inbox. On average, I probably add half of my emails to my Trash folder before opening them.

Studies show that most consumers agree with this feeling. According to Cohber, "90% of young consumers prefer print marketing. Not only do they like physical materials, but they prefer it over digital marketing."

Think about yourself as the consumer. Which medium do you favor? Check out the print marketing myths below and consider if your audiences agree.

Which of these print myths have you busted? Do you disagree with any of these points? Drop me a line! I would be happy to share more thoughts on how print marketing continues to work for us.

Sources: Cohber, Foundry Press