What You Can (and Should) Ask for on Your Landing Page Forms

By Dallas Ziebell
Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media

Marketing can be a delicate balancing act of managing converse relationships. Sometimes more results in less. Other times, less results in more.

Send more emails — unsubscribes spike and you have less people to reach.

Run a sale to move more product — a previous purchaser gets irked they paid full price and then buys less from you and more from a competitor.

Cut advertising in tough times — sales decline and less revenue is available for the advertising needed to pull out of the sales slump.

For today's Marketing Minute, we'll explore one area where this less vs. more conundrum plays out daily, and that's with the various forms featured on your website landing pages: contact-us forms, product literature download forms, order forms, etc.

Marketers often find that when we include more fields on a website form in an effort to capture more valuable customer or prospect data, fewer people actually submit the form and we end up knowing less about those that do. 

To help you strike the right balance between the quantity and quality of data you collect, today we take a look at Hubspot's guidelines for what you can (and should) ask for on your landing page forms.

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What You Can (And Should) Ask for on Your Landing Page Forms