Think Differently About Your Creativity

By Jeff Lazewski,
Digital Manager of Creative and Design Services, Lessiter Media

Creativity is much more than painting a masterpiece or coming up with the next brilliant invention. It can — and should — be used as a tool for many different aspects of your life and your career.

Oftentimes, creativity is considered an attribute you either have or you don’t. And for those who feel they don't, it can serve as a roadblock to productivity. “I can’t do that, I’m not creative at all,” is used as an excuse, obstacle or a closing argument as to why you should not be the person to do a certain task.

While some aren't as naturally as gifted in the creativity department as others, it doesn't have to be something that hinders you longterm. I recently attended the workshop Learn to Think Differently, in which instructor Abigail Besdin states that creativity is a “skill you learn through practice."

As Besdin further explains, "you can actually shape your brain by exercising your creativity over and over again." Much like strengthening a muscle, if you consistently exercise your mind, you'll see gains as a more creative person over time. Creativity builds on creativity, so naturally, the process gets easier the more you do it.

Don't let a creative roadblock get in the way of your success. Below is a quick chart that shows how you can pair a creative mindset with the creative process to enhance your overall creativity. You have all the tools, now you just need to put them to work.

If you ever want to bounce some ideas off of someone, feel free to drop me a line.

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