The 4 L’s of a Lead Generation Strategy

By Dallas Ziebell,
Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media

Many businesses today rely heavily on tradeshows and conferences as their primary source for generating sales prospects and nurturing along relationships with existing prospects and customers.

As most in-person industry meetings and events went on hiatus in 2020 or transitioned to an online format, we learned the hard way that today's tried and true methods for generating sales leads are not necessarily guaranteed to be there for us tomorrow.

That's why there's a greater need than ever before for marketers to develop new channels and proactive strategies for filling the top end of our sales funnels. The more lines in the water and the bigger the variety of bait on the lines, the better our chances for getting a bite and the more fish we'll ultimately bring home.

One channel that offers seemingly endless approaches for identifying, engaging and converting sales leads is your company/brand website. As the first stop for a potential customer as they embark on their buying journey, it's critical you fully leverage your website to capture details about your customers and present them at point-of-interest with information about how your product can help solve their problems or satisfy their needs.

Today we examine the "4 L's" of a lead generation strategy, offering ideas for how you can generate a larger quantity, and higher quality, of sales leads from your online visitors.

P.S. Did you know that Lessiter Media has an in-house Lead Generation Client Solutions Team with 150+ years of collective experience in marketing, content development and sales management? Our team's core focus is to offer a 360-degree examination of our clients' lead generation and sales conversion efforts, and provide advice and solutions for them to overcome inefficiencies and fix broken processes. We'd love to learn about your lead generation processes and goals, share actionable approaches to improve these efforts, and if appropriate, match you with an integrated program to fill your sales funnels with highly-qualified sales prospects. Feel free to schedule a time here to chat with our team.

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Source: HubSpot