Thanksgiving: More Than Black Friday Discounts

By Kayla Waukau
Marketing Coordinator, Lessiter Media

Thanksgiving: a holiday where most people look forward to gobbling down turkey and pumpkin pie. A season of the biggest sales of the year.

During this busy time as marketers, our jobs are to brainstorm the best offers of the year, followed with insane discounts, and of course trying to beat our competition. But let’s step back and think of what Thanksgiving is really about. It’s not about the food (although delicious), or about the biggest discounts of the year, it’s about being thankful for those around the table with us. Thanking and giving as the name suggests.

This week in my mailbox, I received a Hallmark card with my name and address printed on it with cursive font and hand stamped. To my surprise it was a Thanksgiving themed thank you card from my insurance agent, thanking me for my business and wishing me a happy holiday. I began to reflect and think that not only discounts drive our customers, but also a meaningful “thank you” can go a long way.

That being said, we thank you for your continued engagement and hope that you look forward to our Lessiter Media Marketing Minutes each Friday just as much as we look forward to sharing it with you!

As a token of our appreciation, we have also created a Lessiter Media Holiday Cookbook where all our staff has collaborated some of our favorite recipes to share with you! You can download the 58-page recipe book here!

See the infographic I made below to see all the ways to thank your customers this season.