Take Back Control of Your Website from IT

By Brad Hemze, bhemze@lessitermedia.com
Technology Director, Lessiter Media

If you’re a marketer responsible for your company website, then growing, engaging and measuring your site visitors is constantly on your mind. You’re not a web developer, but you are aware that tools exist to help with analytics and audience building. Maybe you’ve found a nifty analytics tool or audience builder accessory, but it has taken “forever” for developers to get it incorporated.

What if you could make life easier for both yourself and the developer?
Google Tag Manager (GTM) to the rescue. Check out the graphic below to learn about GTM and to see how it can benefit your digital marketing efforts.

GTM won’t completely replace your developer, but it will make things easier for both parties and allow you to do more with less.

To learn more about Google Tag Manager, I recommend you “google” the phrase and look for results from LunaMetrics, Simo Ahava’s blog and MeasureSchool YouTube videos.

Have you tried Google Tag Manager? How has it worked for you? Drop me a line to let me know how you’re using it or if you have questions on how it might benefit your customer growth efforts.

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