Stop Losing Time & Money on Past Due Projects

By Michelle Drewek,
Digital Media Manager, Lessiter Media

Everyone here can relate to project backlog and stalled initiatives. We tend to find our way out of them, but at what cost? If you took a moment to think about the lost time and money that was spent on past due assignments this year alone, the number would be alarming. For us, it was unacceptable.

To combat this head-on, Lessiter Media developed a team dedicated to no excuses and no time wasted — the Rapid Response Team. Our team is made up of 6 individuals each from a different revenue production department of our business. Together, they take stalled or late projects and get them back on track or move them to completion.

It is a resource for anyone in our company to call upon, and since its inception in March of this year, has brought every project they've been tasked with to full fruition in a few weeks time, even projects that were months past due!

This team isn't a fallback for staff — everyone is accountable to their deadlines and why they haven't been met. The purpose of this team is to repair problems that, if left alone, could result in big financial losses, significant downtime and threats to the health of the business. It's a lifeline.

As you plan for a successful 2019, take a look at the Rapid Response Team initiative below and consider how you could implement this in your company. If you have any questions about what we do, I'd be happy to answer them as one of the Rapid Response Team members here at Lessiter Media!

Drop me a line and we'll chat some more.

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