Simple Steps to Succeed at Marketing Automation

By Dallas Ziebell,
Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media

Many marketers are plagued with difficulty identifying and capturing quality sales leads, inconsistent and ineffective lead nurturing practices or a lack of follow-through by their sales teams on efforts to further qualify and close the leads.

A proven way to substantially increase your lead identification, conversion and overall sales success is by introducing marketing automation to your sales funnel.

At its core, a marketing automation funnel attracts, captures, tracks and moves targeted prospects through automated promotional stages with the goal of collecting advanced data and user behaviors and product or service purchases.

According to research from VB Insight, 80% of companies using marketing automation experience an increase in leads and 77% experience an increase in sales conversions. And marketing automation has proven to increase email open rates by 70% and click-through rates by more than 500%.

Follow these simple steps to reap the full benefits of your marketing automation and ensure your efforts are successful right out of the gate.

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