Repurposing Content to Expand Your Marketing Reach

By Laura Vietmeyer,
Digital Content Specialist, Lessiter Media

As marketers we are constantly looking for ways to extend the life, reach and audience engagement of our marketing messages.

Providing relevant high quality content is one of the most effective ways to keep customers engaged, and to attract new ones. But content production can be difficult and expensive because it requires a substantial time investment. However, if done right, it will have a profound impact on your marketing ROI.

That’s why we were excited when our company founder, Frank Lessiter, recently challenged us to find ways to extend the life and reach of our high quality content with the goal of expanding our audiences while maximizing the value of our content investment.

What We Did

We developed an in-house contest with six competing teams, each tasked with repurposing content through our social and digital channels. Each team, with knowledge of its core audience, was free to build a promotional plan it felt would produce the best results.

What We Measured


Teams earned “points” based on a number of responses and reach categories including number of page views, social media reactions and comments, time on page, shares, re-tweets and email captures. The top two teams with the highest point totals won cash prizes, making it a friendly but serious competion.

Impactful Results

Results were impressive. In addition to measurable increases in our social media reach and engagement, we captured over 800 new email addresses. Based on our formula value for new email captures, this will provide a substantial increase in revenue over the lifetime of these customers.

Lesson Learned

Don’t overlook your own opportunity to repurpose your content and spread out your marketing investment. It will go a lot further than you think. As Frank is fond of reminding us each week, “You haven’t done your job unless content is used 10 ways.”

If you’d like more details for repurposing your own content, send me an email and I’d be glad to share more details with you.