Quick Tips to Give Your Ad the Right Touch

By Alison Green, agreen@lessitermedia.com
Marketing Associate, Lessiter Media

Ever wonder what entices people to put down their screens and flip through a hardcover book or glossy magazine? Consumer behavior studies have shown the importance of sensory-based marketing tactics, but little attention has been given to the first sense we experience as humans – the sense of touch.

As the business world rapidly increases spending in digital media to reach its audiences through visual and audio messaging, the sensation of touch is removed from the sensory experience. Print might be the key to differentiating your brand and optimizing your advertising media mix.

Research of haptic, or touch memory shows the importance of touch on the formation of consumer brand and product perceptions. Messages are more persuasive when an aspect of touch is incorporated into an advertisement.

Keep your brand message in the hands – and minds – of potential customers longer by tapping into their haptic memory and creating a piece that truly stands out. I’ve compiled some tips below that should give recipients of your next printed piece a long-lasting brand impression.

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