Navigating Social Media Image Guidelines

By Dallas Ziebell,
Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media

If you've promoted your business or products on social media then you've likely experienced some level of confusion and annoyance while navigating the many different image guidelines out there today.

For Facebook alone, you'll find photo guidelines that vary widely depending on the use of the photo, device it will be seen on and the orientation it will be viewed at. From timeline images to profile pictures to cover photos, each has its own unique requirements.

Low-quality, blurry or poorly-edited images can be seen from a mile away and do more harm than good to your social media marketing.

So to ensure your promotions are being enhanced — not dragged down — by your visuals, check out our handy Social Media Image Guideline Cheat Sheet. Print it out and tack it up on the wall to use as your guide for creating social media visual content that's attractive, effective and optimized for all uses.

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