Is Your Audience Hanging Out Without You?

By Rachel Hanrahan,
Digital Content Specialist, Lessiter Media

In a past edition of the Marketing Minute titled “Be Where Your Customers Are,” our Director of Sales Michael Ellis shared a breakdown of where the Lessiter Media audience is consuming our content. While print continues to claim the top spot among these various mediums, many readers are also accessing our content through our email newsletter.

If we weren’t utilizing newsletters and email marketing, we would be missing out on almost 50% of our audience base. Consider where you may have an untapped audience and capitalize on some easy-to-implement methods of reaching out.

Where are you missing the mark? Where is the low-hanging fruit in your industry?

The vast variety of social media platforms has created a new space for us to combine our marketing efforts with a personal-feeling entertainment aspect to access new attention.

Be where your customers and advertisers are. These days, if a customer searches for you on Instagram and they don’t find you there, they could consider you as irrelevant.

Surprisingly, Trader Joe’s, Marlboro and Appledon’t have social media accounts. But it could be argued that their brands are big enough to not need you to follow them on Twitter to keep your loyalty.

Have you ever heard the expression “put it in writing?” That saying implies that if a statement is truthful and solid, it is trustworthy information if it is printed. Are you confident enough in your brand and message that you’re willing to put it in writing all over social media?

Download Infographic | Sources: Mashable and CoSchedule