Increase Traffic & Engagement on Twitter with this Tactic

By Michelle Drewek,
Digital Media Manager, Lessiter Media

Twitter has become a question mark for marketers as they determine which social media platforms to utilize and to what extent. Tweets have the shortest lifespan of any social media post, about 18 minutes (Epipheo), and character limits that create copy editing restrictions other platforms don't impose. It's no wonder our team is frequently asked by other marketers, "Do you think Twitter is worth doing?"

As with all tactics, the answer is that it's worth doing if it is doing something for your brand.

Brian Peter of Buffer states, "Social media platforms should be viewed as the destination for your content rather than the means to get to your content." We need to reframe social media in the context of a consumable medium vs a means to an end. Think of it this way, when consuming content would you prefer to get the information up front or be redirected to another page before you receive the information? The data backs up Peter's methodology — native content typically performs better than posts with links (Forbes, Lyfe Marketing).

So on a platform with a 280 character limit and post lifespan shorter than an episode of Friends, how are you supposed to give a user the rich context and content they crave? The solution: Twitter threads.

Twitter threads allow you to string multiple tweets together, either all at once or as information develops, and further flesh out content for your audience. Additionally, you can revive old tweets by recalling them in a new Twitter thread or starting a thread on the original tweet.

If you are looking for a way to increase your reach, engagement and overall traffic, Twitter threads may be the right tactic for you to test for your brand. Below are "4 Reasons to Use Twitter Threads in Content Marketing." Let me know if you'd like to see some examples of how you can start using Twitter threads in your own business.