Improve Your Video Production Process with a Smartphone

By Joe Kuenzle,
Audio Visual Specialist, Lessiter Media

Video has increasingly become an important channel for content consumption for many Americans. As mentioned in the Sept. 7 issue of the Lessiter Marketing Minute, when website visitors are presented with both a video and text, 60% of visitors will watch the video first. With this in mind, it is important to be on the leading edge when creating and sending out new video content.

This statistic was the motivation behind a recent process change here at Lessiter Media for on-site video production. Previously, video production would require lugging around expensive cameras, camera bags, tripods, audio recorders and a number of extraneous cords. Not to mention any accrued cost due to lost or damaged equipment.

In order to improve upon this, we developed a simple, cost effective new practice. Rather than hauling around a large amount of camera equipment, we now film videos using something most everyone already has in their pockets ­– a smartphone.

To learn more about our process change, click here. Additionally, below are some things to consider when reviewing your video processes and how a smartphone can streamline production and empower your staff out in the field to generate high quality video content.

How does this compare to how you capture video to promote your brand? I would love to hear what has worked, and what hasn't, for your team.

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