Improve Your Google Ranking with Internal Linking

By Michelle Drewek,
Content Engagement Manager, Lessiter Media

According to Semrush, internal linking is one of the most neglected SEO strategies. "We are all quick to turn to tactics that will help us build external links (backlinks), but we often underestimate the impact of developing an optimized internal linking strategy." 

Put simply, internal links point users from one piece of content on your site to another piece of content on your site whereas external links point a user from a piece of content on your site to a piece of content on another site. Internal linking is how Google can best find your posts and pages, as well as gain insight into the structure and hierarchy of your website. Done correctly, internal linking can have a profound impact on your SEO.

Below, I've outlined a primer of the "Whys" and "Hows" of internal linking to get you thinking about how you are (or aren't) currently utilizing internal links, and to help you establish better practices for your content optimization. Be sure to share it with other content creators and disemminators on your team as well so you are working symmetrically towards the same goal.

If you'd like to discuss internal linking strategy more, feel free to mesage me with any questions you may have.

Download Infographic  |  Sources: Semrush, Yoast