How to Use Neuromarketing

By Connor Campbell,
Digital Media Intern, Lessiter Media

I bet that if I start describing sour Skittles or Sour Patch Kids, your mouth starts to water. Everyone has seen commercials from our favorite fast food restaurants showing fresh, salty fries or juicy, stacked burgers. When you’re hungry, you’re likely to remember that commercial you saw for fresh, salty fries or that burger the size of your head. What am I doing to you? Simple! Neuromarketing. 

Neuromarketing is used in different ways. Several involve utilizing emotion, desire, or popular demand as their driving force. When something is seen as rare, highly desirable, and in low quantity, we want to see what the commotion is for. Coca-Cola uses a neuromarketing ploy and has for decades. “Have a coke and a smile.” Using neuromarketing tactics is a way to drive sales and customer retention.

I procured an infographic of a few easy ways to begin neuromarketing your product and attached a Ted Talk that dives into the studies and tests on neuromarketing. I hope you have a great weekend and hope you get to indulge in those fries and sour candy. You earned it. (Hey, look! I’m neuromarketing!)

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