How to Use Chatbots to Improve Customer Service

By Melissa Martincich,
Marketing Associate, Lessiter Media

If there is one keyword that all businesses should keep top-of-mind, it’s "customer." Customers play a key role in fueling the growth of any business. Therefore, investing time, money and energy into providing proper customer support to all your clients is an absolute necessity. A great tool to help you do that is a chatbot.

While many businesses today have implemented live customer service chat features on their websites to help streamline their process for handling customer inquiries, chatbots are increasingly being used to supplement and even replace live customer service chat.

Chatbots are software programmed to mimic written human speech for the purposes of simulating a conversation with a customer. Chatbots can provide a useful, automated tool to initiate a chat interaction because they can often automatically solve a customer’s issue without need for human intervention. And when chatbots cannot provide a solution, they can effectively direct the customer to a live representative for further help. Today’s chatbots can even exhibit fun “personalities” and be programmed to learn from past conversations to better serve your customers.

If you’re searching for a cost-effective way to save you countless billable hours each week and depressurize your customer service team, chatbots might be the answer. With the chatbots handling the bulk of simple customer queries, your team will be free to focus on higher-level tasks. Below I have outlined 5 surefire ways to improve customer service using the automation power of chatbots.

Implement a chatbot today and start reaping the benefits tomorrow!

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