How to Make Slogans Work for You

By Cassie Kopcha,
Digital Media Intern, Lessiter Media

Eat fresh. I’m Lovin’ It. We have the meats. No one outpizzas the hut. What do all of these phrases have in common? Besides making you hungry, these are some of the most recognizable fast food slogans. This is no accident, as each of these slogans were crafted by marketers to become a seamless and integral part of the brand's identity. After all, what is KFC without Colonel Sanders’ booming voice exclaiming, “Finger Lickin’ Good?”

While we certainly see the appeal of having a strong slogan at face value, there is a deeper approach to it as well. Research found 50% of people say a slogan is the most important factor in helping them understand the companies’ purpose. This is great news for you! A fairly simple and cost effective strategy can make a huge difference in the way customers view your brand and products.

Ready to start speaking the language your customers want to hear? I have outlined four tips for you to get started crafting the perfect slogan. And remember – short, catchy and easy to remember is the key.


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