How to be More Than Just a Marketer

By Kayla Waukau
Marketing Coordinator, Lessiter Media

There are many marketing tools and data collection practices at your fingertips that offer effective ways to reach your clients. But certain tools and practices are especially effective at creating long term relationships and delivering personalized messages.

One of these practices is to collect your customers’ first names through your online forms and use it to personalize your promotions. Although this is something that is becoming increasingly popular, it can still build a stronger bridge between you and your customers. 

Another effective method to reach your customer is by offering an instant messaging service on your website. Instant messaging creates personalization and more human-centered interactions. Afterall, nobody wants to talk to a representative using a robot-sounding script. By creating an easy, user-friendly platform like instant messaging, it paves over the idea of being formal and allowing us to create a long term customer relationship. 

When used sparingly, push notifications offer another great way to reach your audience while gaining data. With nearly everyone having a smartphone these days, it’s a great tool to engage your customer, drive open rates and increase conversions.

In the world of marketing, our audience is always changing, making it important to adapt to the newest trends.  But, if we create and sustain this idea of being a better marketer, our audience has the potential to follow us because of the relationship we’ve created with them through our marketing strategies.