Don’t Ditch the QR Code

By Michelle Drewek,
Digital Media Manager, Lessiter Media

One of the exciting parts about being a marketer is the growth and evolution of technology at our disposal. At times that growth can be painful (or in some cases, really painful). Then there are those moments when a new tool reinvigorates our creative fire or an old technology matures into something we can adapt.

I suspect a few of you raised your eyebrow when you saw today's subject line. Believe me, I was a former skeptic myself.

QR codes aren't new, and they've certainly lost their luster over the years. But what we are beginning to see through case studies and technological advancements is an effort to make scannable marketing quicker, easier and more attractive for both the marketers and their customers.

If that isn't evidence enough, social media giants are investing in their own forms of QR codes to harness the power of Quick Response; Snapcodes, Nametags and Pincodes, to name a few.

Take a look at the infographic below for some additional pointers as you consider how you may be able to leverage QR codes for your own efforts.

Are you still using QR codes? I'd love to hear how you are incorporating them into your marketing plan and any of your success stories to go along with it!

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