Don’t Ax the Fax

By Joanne Volkert,
Marketing Manager, Lessiter Media

Some of the most iconic things of the 1980s includes big hair, boom boxes, neon everything, Nintendo and the Rubik’s cube. Some might add the fax machine.

Before email marketing took off in the late ’90s, marketers depended on direct mail, phone and fax campaigns to deliver their marketing message. And most recently with the rise of many new-age options via social media and Google, it seems that fax marketing is often overlooked as a promotional vehicle.

But sending broadcast fax messages is still a very worthwhile, economical option to grow a business.

The cost can be literally pennies per fax to deploy through a broadcast fax service, making it an extremely affordable marketing channel. And keep in mind that at least one person has to physically take the fax off the machine, effectively giving your message a very high “open rate.”

As many marketers are diving head first into digital marketing, it’s also likely that your competition is not using fax due to its “old technology” stigma. This helps set you apart from the rest. Plus, if you have customers worldwide, many countries still rely heavily on fax for both sending and receiving messages.

Are you still using fax marketing to grow your business? I’d love to hear how fax is working for you.

If you’re considering adding a fax marketing campaign to your promotional plans, below are some best practices to help get you started.

Click here to view Fax Marketing Best Practices Infographic in your web browser.