Communication Tools for the Remote Worker

By Joseph Kuenzle,
Audio Visual Manager, Lessiter Media

Well, it finally happened. Last week, Wisconsin joined the growing number of states to introduce a "stay-at-home" directive to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus. Which means I'm officially a remote employee.

Remote working has become a workplace necessity as millions around the world adjust to their new reality. But there are definitely challenges to maintaining a productive team atmosphere when separated from your colleagues.

Email and phone are both still great ways to communicate and a necessary part of any business — whether you are social distancing or not — but they fail to deliver on the team-building and comradery that a face-to-face conversation or meeting can provide.

Thankfully, technology advancements over the years have prepared us for moments like this in the form of video conferencing and video chat.

At Lessiter Media, we have all become quite well versed with the video conference platform Zoom. With several permanent remote workers and the need to better communicate with clients and customers, we've been utilizing video conferencing for a while now and it has definitely helped us not miss a beat as we transition to our home offices.

Below are a few other options for video conferencing and video chat tools that can help fill the void of face-to-face interaction and help your business run smoothly during these challenging times.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to discuss further and let you know which option might be best for you and your company.