Advantages of Rich Media Advertising

By James Kolterman,
Graphic Designer, Lessiter Media

We are all familiar with standard ads like common display or text ads, which sell with words or pictures. These forms of advertising are great, but there is another format that can really engage an audience — rich media ads.

These ads let the user engage and interact by using complex media elements. For example, a rich media ad can play a video, let users scroll through an image gallery or view multiple linked pages. You can think of these ads as your own mini website.

Another cool feature with rich media is the ability to track audience behavior, including number of visits and video completions. Getting the user engaged with your ad can result in more hits and increase potential sales for your product versus a static ad with just a picture and text.

If you want to generate clicks and create brand awareness, consider a rich media format for your next ad. In the the infographic below, I’ve put together a comparison so you can clearly see the distinct benefits you can reap from opting for rich media.

Want help designing an engaging rich media ad? Shoot us an email and my design team and I can help you construct an ad that’ll catch your audience’s attention. (No charge.) We’d also be happy to review existing ads and provide suggestions on how to boost results.

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Source: What is rich media?