8 Tips to Create a Successful Podcast

By Joseph Kuenzle, jkuenzle@lessitermedia.com
Audio Visual Manager, Lessiter Media

Whether you currently produce one, have a favorite you listen to regularly, or you've heard of it but are not entirely sure what it is, a podcast can and should become an integral part of your marketing repertoire.

Let's start at the beginning. For those not entirely sure what a podcast is, Dictionary.com defines it as "a digital audio file or recording, usually part of a themed series, that can be downloaded from a website to a media player or computer."

And when it comes to audio and video marketing, a lot of people quickly go to the video route thinking Youtube is going to be their best bet. And while Youtube can certainly play a role in a successful marketing campaign, it's not all that conducive to consuming on the go. The next time you are out and about, just take a look around and see how many people have on headphones. It seems like almost everyone is listening to something.

And that's where podcasts come in. They are popular because they are portable, and because of this it's easy to consume on the go as part of someone's busy schedule. In the car, at a desk, on a run, in a field — as long as the user has their phone they can listen to a podcast without having to look away from what they are doing.

While there is a lot of freedom associated with creating a podcast and doing so seems relatively easy on the surface — choose a topic you are passionate about, record your audio and release it out to the public — there are some common pitfalls that can keep a podcast from reaching its full potential.

While the content of a podcast will always reign supreme, I've compiled some additional tips that will give your podcast — whether it already exists or if you are in the early idea and planning stages — the extra push it needs to truly become successful.

Have any questions about starting or improving your podcast? Feel free to reach out, I'd be happy to discuss more with you.

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